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Classification of PCB board

Mar. 13, 2023

1.Classification by usage

A.Civil printed circuit board (consumer) : toys, cameras, TV sets, audio equipment, mobile phones and other printed circuit boards.

B.Industrial printed circuit board (equipment) : security, automobile, computer, communication machine, instrument and other used printed circuit board.

C.Military printed circuit board: printed circuit board used in aerospace, radar, etc.

2.Classification according to the type of substrate 

A.Paper - based printed circuit board: phenolic paper - based printed circuit board, epoxy paper - based printed circuit board, etc.

B.Glass cloth based printed circuit board: epoxy glass cloth based printed circuit board, PTFE glass cloth based printed circuit board, etc.

C.Synthetic fiber printed circuit board: epoxy synthetic fiber printed circuit board, etc.

D.Organic film substrate printed circuit board: nylon film printed circuit board, etc.

E.Ceramic substrate printed circuit board.

F.Metal core based printed circuit board.

Classification of PCB board

3.Classification by structure

According to the structure of the printed circuit board can be divided into rigid printed circuit board, flexible printed circuit board and rigid flexible combined printed circuit board

Classification of PCB board

4.Classification by layers

According to the number of layers printed circuit boards can be divided into single layer, double layers, multilayer board and HDI board (high density interconnect board).

1)Single layer pcb

Single layer pcb refers to the circuit board that is wired on only one surface (welded surface) of the circuit board, and all components, component labels and text marks are placed on the other surface (component surface).

The biggest feature of layer pcb is low price and simple manufacturing process. However, because only one surface wiring, wiring is difficult, easy to appear wiring failure, so it is only suitable for some relatively simple circuits.

Classification of PCB board

2)Double layers pcb

Double layers pcb are wired on two sides of the insulation board, one side as the top layer and the other as the bottom layer. The top and bottom layers are electrically connected through holes.

Usually, the components on the double layers are placed on the top layer; However, in order to reduce the size of the board, it is sometimes possible to put components on both layers. Double-layer board is characterized by moderate price, easy wiring, is currently common in the common circuit board type.

Classification of PCB board

3) Multilayer board

Printed circuit boards with more than two layers are referred to as multilayer boards

Classification of PCB board

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