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Chenfei Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd is a contract electronic manufacturer specializing in high quality PCB and PCB assembly service, focusing on quick turn prototype, medium and big volumes production, the enterprise core is professional and quick service. we devote to supply one-stop service for our customers including PCB manufacturing, components procurement and assembly. Our PCB factory have passed the certificates of international quality system as ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL certified and all of products following the IPC and ROHS standards.It’s available to finish the 2 layers PCB within 48 hours and multilayer PCB within 3-4

PCB which named as print circuit board is an important part of electronics,it’s the support of electronic components,and it’s also the carrier of electronic components connection.PCB manufacturing developed from single layer PCB - multilayer PCB - flex PCB,and they are still developing on an upward trend.With the development of high precision, high density and high reliability,the demand of multilayer PCB will have a big increase.In recent year,with the development of PCB manufacturing,it widely used in many industries like communications, computers, aerospace, industrial control medicine, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, etc.In the future 3 yeas,the automobile and industrial control medical market will grow fastest.

PCB assembly named as PCB'A for short, mounting the SMT and DIP components on the blank PCB,we call it PCB assembly.There are some important points for PCB assembly,like the control of the production flow,a strict production flow for PCB assembly can avoid mistake in the maximum extent,also the executive force of the production flow,all the workers have to do strictly as per the production flow,then the PCB assembly quality can be controlled well,

Polaris can provide high quality PCB manufacturing,PCB prototype and PCB assembly service.For PCB manufacturing and PCB prototype,besides the normal PCBs,we also specialized in multilayer PCB manufacturing with high quality and competitive price.For PCB assembly,we have a set of strict production flow and have a special way to make sure all the workers follow it.

Polaris devote to be a department of customer’s company,and try the best to make the product which parent company need.

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