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The difference between gold plating and gold plating

Oct. 27, 2023

PCB gold plating is also known as "electric gold plating" "electroplated nickel gold plate" "electrolytic gold" "electric gold" "electric nickel gold plate", electric gold plating is divided into two kinds of soft gold and hard gold, hard gold is used for gold finger pcb board products, the basic principle is by nickel and gold (alias gold salt) melted in the chemical solution, The PCB board is immersed in the electroplating process cylinder and connected with the working current to cause nickel gold coating on the copper foil surface of the pcb board. The electronickel gold is more resistant to wear because of the high hardness of the coating.

What is the difference between PCB gold plating and electric gold plating

1. The thickness of gold is thicker than that of electric gold plating, and the gold plating surface is more yellow than that of electric gold plating. From the perspective of the plate surface, the gold plating can make customers more satisfied.

2. The crystal structure caused by sunk gold and electric gold plating is not the same, sunk gold is easier to weld than electric gold plating, and poor welding is not easy to occur during the welding process, in addition, sunk gold is softer than electric gold plating, making gold finger circuit board is usually electroplated, and hard gold has stronger wear resistance.

3. The crystal structure of sunk gold is denser than that of electric gold plating, and it is not easy to be oxidized.

4. With the high-precision product wiring becoming more and more high precision, some line spacing and spacing have been as low as 3mil, which is easy to cause gold wire short circuit fault for high-precision plate plating process. The sunk gold plate only has nickel gold on the welding layer, and there will be no trouble of short circuit fault of gold wire. And the solder resistance on the line is more firmly combined with the copper layer, and the project is fashionable to do data compensation for any negative impact on the spacing.

5. The relative demand of the high frequency plate, the flatness of the sinking plate is also better, and the black pad problem will not occur after assembly. More importantly, the flatness and service life of the sunken gold plate are also better than that of the gold-plated plate.

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