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Installation of robots increased by 44 percent

Oct. 08, 2022

The industrial robot market in China has achieved a strong growth. In 2021, the number of installed robots will reach 243300, a new record high, an increase of 44% over last year. These preliminary data are released by the International Federation of Robots.

"China has led the global recovery after the COVID-19. In 2021, China's robot installation will account for half of the global total," said Marina bill, President of the International Federation of robots. "The growth of all walks of life is very strong, in which the electrical and electronic industries dominate, with a growth rate of up to 30%, reaching 81600 sets.

The auto industry also showed a significant recovery. China's electric vehicle manufacturing industry is the main driving force. It will increase by 89% in 2021, and 50700 units will be installed. "

The Chinese government strongly supports robot automation

In China, the aging population has led to a shortage of labor, which has promoted the development of robot automation. Earlier this year, the government announced that all walks of life will continue to achieve robot automation.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released a five-year plan for the development of the robot industry in Beijing, which focuses on promoting innovation and making China a global leader in robot technology and industrial progress.

New occupation: "Robot engineering technician"

At the same time, local governments aim to increase employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for college graduates.

In June, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced 18 new occupations, including "robot engineering technicians".

This profession focuses on the research and development of robot control algorithms and operating systems, as well as the use of digital simulation technology.

"China still has huge growth potential," said Marina Bill. "The density of robots in domestic manufacturing industry has reached 246 industrial robots for every 10000 employees, so it will rank ninth in the world in 2020. Ten years ago, only 15 industrial robots were equipped for every 10000 employees.

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