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How to choose the substrate of FPC board

Jan. 19, 2024

1. Dimensional stability of substrate

The ideal fpc soft board substrate should have a very stable size, and the reduction or expansion of fpc soft board substrate in the process is a major issue for the production and user, because it will affect the production and assembly of fpc soft board at the same time, especially the failure to predict the size change of fpc soft board will be very troublesome. Certain steps can deal with the effects of unstable materials on size, but materials that can be handled without these means have an advantage.

2. Heat resistance of the whole material

Most electronic assembly will use a temperature process, such as: component assembly back welding is a common process, the selection of such a process used in the soft plate material to withstand the processing temperature, while not producing excessive serious distortion problems. This is a clear definition, but from a scientific and environmental perspective, the world has begun to promote lead-free welding technology, which requires that the heat resistance of the material is more demanding.

How to choose the substrate of FPC board

3. Tear resistance

Many fpc soft board structures are thin and unreinforced, and they are prone to damage or tear. Therefore, the substrate used for the production of fpc soft board should have tear resistance.

4. Electrical characteristics

The importance of material electrical properties will continue to increase as signal speeds increase. fpc soft board preferred application of materials, should have the necessary electrical characteristics of the designer. In the face of the popularity of high-speed signals, the dielectric coefficient of materials and signal loss requirements are lower, and high insulation resistance is the expectation of high voltage applications. The ideal material should be able to meet various needs and meet the electrical expectations of various designs, but this is still the dream that fpc soft board materials need to work hard.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is necessarily a key feature of fpc soft board materials, and the industry expects fpc soft board to be exposed to [sensitive word] temperatures, from high to low temperatures can withstand. Therefore, how to maintain flexure in a wide temperature range is a basic topic.

Especially at low temperatures, the flexure should be more careful, most materials will be brittle at low temperatures. In the application of electronic products, soft board materials are expected to have low temperature humidity, which will cause negative impact on the process and also affect the performance of the physical properties of the final product.

How to choose the substrate of FPC board

6. Batch consistency

Mass production is bound to face process and time changes, so product consistency is the key to good process control. When faced with several standard deviation quality goals, there is no stable material consistency, may never be able to achieve this level in the process, then the material needs to be consistent including: physical, mechanical, electrical, etc., these are the key. Consistent performance ensures stable and smooth product use, both in production and application.

7. Reasonable costs

The search for reasonable cost solutions is a common norm in electronics, and the industry is always looking for a lower price material supply source, so the manufacturer and assembly may enjoy only a small profit. However, the key is to pay attention to the impact of changes on the overall product, whether the replacement of supply options will impact the manufacturing quality and overall cost, rather than only concerned about the simple cost of material entry.

8. Chemical resistance

Depending on the application, fpc soft board materials need to have varying degrees of chemical resistance, which is equally important for manufacturers and end users. Flexible board manufacturing uses many different corrosive chemicals, which can make manufacturers worry about whether the material can withstand these chemicals. Therefore, fpc soft board materials must be compatible with a variety of chemicals, including solvents used in assembly and cleaning processes.

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