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Difference between aluminum PCB and FR4

Apr. 13, 2023

1)What is glass fiber board(FR-4)

Glass fiber board alias: glass fiber insulation board, glass fiber board (FR-4), glass fiber composite board, by glass fiber material and high heat resistance composite material synthesis, does not contain harmful to human health asbestos components. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good work ability. Used in plastic mold, injection mold, machinery manufacturing, molding machine, drilling machine, injection molding machine, motor, PCB.ICT fixture, table grinding pad.

Fiberglass board outside the cloth, leather, etc., made of beautiful wall, ceiling decoration, very widely used. It has the characteristics of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection and flame retardant.

Difference between aluminum PCB and FR4

1. Advantages of glass fiber board

(1)With high mechanical properties and electrical resistance, but also good heat and moisture resistance, as well as good process ability. Generally used in plastic mold and machinery manufacturing.

(2) Injection mold molding usually requirements: high temperature material and low temperature die. Heat insulation must be used in the same aircraft condition. Keep the mold low temperature and do not make the injection molding machine temperature too high. This requirement can be met by installing an insulating plate between the injection mold and the injection machine. Shorten the production cycle, improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, improve the quality of finished products, continuous production process to ensure the stability of product quality, prevent machine overheating, no electrical failure, hydraulic system without oil leakage.

2, The usage of glass fiber board

(1)Construction industry: can do cooling tower, building structure, indoor equipment and decorative parts, glass steel plate, decorative plate, and solar energy utilization device and so on.

(2)Chemical industry: it can do corrosion resistant pipeline, corrosion resistant pump and their accessories, but also can do grille, ventilation facilities and waste water and sewage treatment equipment.

(3)Automobile and railway transportation industry: can be used as automobile shell and other parts, as well as large bus body shell, door, inner plate and instrument panel, etc.; In the highway construction part, there are road signs, isolation pier and highway guardrail and so on.

(4) The performance of fiberglass board, fiberglass board, generally can be used for soft bag base, and then wrapped with cloth, leather, etc., can be made into beautiful wall and ceiling decoration.

(5)with sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, flame retardant and other advantages. Good insulation characteristics, so that it has been used in radar shell, but also good anti-corrosion material, now has been widely used in the chemical industry. Fiberglass board has the advantage of strong plasticity.

Difference between aluminum PCB and FR4

2)What is aluminum pcb

Aluminum substrate is a kind of metal base copper-covered plate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, a single panel is composed of three layers, which are circuit layer (copper foil), insulation layer and metal base layer. For high-end use are also designed for double panels, the structure of the circuit layer, insulation layer, aluminum base, insulation layer, circuit layer. Very few applications for multilayer board, can be made of ordinary multilayer board and insulation layer, aluminum base fit.

Difference between aluminum PCB and FR4

1, The advantages of aluminum substrate

(1) The heat dissipation is significantly better than the standard FR-4 structure.

(2) The dielectric used is usually 5 to 10 times as conductive as conventional epoxy glass, and only one tenth of the thickness.

(3) The heat transfer index is more efficient than the traditional rigid PCB.

(4)Lower copper weights can be used than those shown in IPC recommendations.

2, The usage of aluminum pcb

(1) Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balance amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc.

(2) Power supply equipment: switch regulator, DC/AC converter, SW regulator, etc.

(3) Communication electronic equipment: high frequency amplifier, filter, sending circuit.

(4) Office automation equipment: motor drivers, etc.

(5) Automobile: electronic regulator, igniter, power controller, etc.

(6) Computer: CPU board, floppy disk drive, power supply device, etc.

(7) Power module: converter, solid relay, rectifier bridge, etc.

Aluminum substrate has a wide range of uses, general audio equipment, power equipment, communication electronic equipment, office automation equipment, automobiles, computers, power modules have aluminum substrate existence.

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