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PCB Assembly Order Process

How to place a PCB assembly order to Polaris?

1) Sending the PCB file and BOM to,please indicate any special requirement for the PCB and assembly

2) File format: For PCB fabrication, please provide PCB gerber file in RS-274-X format with NC drill files, it includes top and bottom overlay layer, top and bottom solder mask layer, top and bottom copper layer, (inner layer for multilayer PCB ), outline layer and drill file.And .PCB and .pcbdoc file are also acceptable. For BOM, excel file is preferred.

3) We provide quotation for the project including the BOM with price for each component included(From our experience, there always some questions for the components which need the engineer to confirm)

4) Once all the question in the BOM confirmed, we will send the final quotation and the proforma invoice to customers, then we start production.

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