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PCB Assembly

PCB assembly is a process to mount the SMT and DIP components on the blank PCB.There are both machine and manual work,for pick and place machine can be used for SMT parts,and wave solder machine always used for PCB assembly which have many DIP parts.
Each factory have a production flow for PCB assembly,some simple and some complicated,and the production flow is very important for the quality control of PCB assembly.We found a best way to use a strict simple production flow to control the complicated production process.In China the workers in factory who are in the forefront of production is not well educated,complicated things is not suitable to them,so we found a more workable way to control the production process of PCB assembly,and we get a good result to make sure the quality.

And about PCB assembly,we offer one-stop service,PCB manufacturing,components procurement,and PCB assembly,we also provide service for function testing and case mounting after PCB assembly.

Polaris devote to be a department of customer’s company,and try the best to make the product which parent company need.

Below is a part of our PCB assembly capacity

Mount range 0201,0402,0603.0805,1206,1210.chips,QFN,QFP,BGA,LGA,DSP,CSP assembly;through hole parts assembly
Mount Accuracy ±0.05MM
Max PCB size Sample:400*800mm;Volume 350*550mm
Max components height 25mm
Min pitch for QPF/SOP/SOJ/IC 0.3mm
Min pitch for GSP/BGA 0.3mm
Test AOI,eyes testing,X-ray,function test,temperature cycling
Extra Conformal coating,potting compound,enclosure mounting

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