PCB Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

date:2016-05-24 14:44:18

Chenfei Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturing company in China,we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL certified and all of products following the IPC and ROHS standards,we can provide 1-50layers PCB boards manufacturing service.PCB Prototyping,small and Medium volume production are both available from us.

PCB 1-1PCB 2-2

PCB file

For PCB fabrication service,please provide PCB gerber file in RS-274-X format,or .PCB or .pcbdoc file.


PCB prototyping

Polaris provide PCB prototyping service with fast turn around(24 hours at soonest) and good price(20USD for 5pcs at lowest)


Advantage products -Multilayer PCB(more than 10 layers)

As the advantage products,we can provide high quality with competitive price for more than 10 layer PCBs,like HDI PCBs,RF PCBs with high technology requirement. And we have advanced technology to ensure the capacity of the PCB manufacturing,such as Via Segmentation technology, Z-axis interconnect technology and any layer HDI technology and so on.



  • Material:FR4,High Tg, Halogen free,High-freguency PCB material,ROGERS, aluminum, flex
  • PCB layers:1-50 layers
  • PCB thickness:0.2mm-8.0mm
  • Copper thickness:0.5oz-6oz
  • Solder mask:green,red,blue,white,black,yellow
  • Silk screen:White and black
  • tracks:width:3mil/3mil
  • Surface treatment:HASL,immsersion gold,immersion silver,OSP,gold finger,hard gold
  • PCB size:550*1200mm
  • Impedance Control Tolerance:10%
  • HDI Structure:1+N+1 \ 2+N+2\3+N+3\4+N+4\5+N+5\6+N+6\
  • Minimum via:0.1mm
  • Max Aspect Ratio:40:1
  • Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL,ROHS,REACH
  • Special process:Blind or buried vias, impedance control,back drill,VIPPO/POFV
  • Quality control:AOI,100% electronic test


PCB delivery:

2 layers PCB-:24-48 hours at the soonest.

Mutilayer PCB:72-96 hours at the soonest


Packing Details:

Inner Package:Vacuum packaging                             

Outer Package:High Quality Carton Box



One-stop service

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After-sales service