PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

date:2016-05-24 16:55:18

PCBA data

PCB gerber file and BOM are needed for PCB assembly service.



  • Mount range: 0201,0402,QFN,QFP,BGA,FBGA,LAG,DSP,CSP ,through hole parts assembly
  • Mount Accuracy:±05MM
  • Max PCB size:Sample:400*800mm;Volume 350*550mm
  • Max components height:25mm
  • Min pitch for QPF/SOP/SOJ/IC:0.3mm
  • Min pitch for GSP/BGA:0.3mm
  • Test:AOI,eyes testing,X-ray,function test,temperature cycling



Cost:Low cost first article builds

Volume:No MOQ limited

Components procurement:Turnkey and partial turnkey

Passive Components type:As small as 0201 package

BGA components:As small as 0.3mm pitch,and all BGA placements are x-ray inspected

Solder paste:Lead and lead free,non-clean process

Assembly type:Surface mount,through hole,single and double sides solder.

Stencil:Laser cut stainless steel


Why choose us for PCB fabricate and PCB assembly service

Chenfei Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd is one-stop supplier for for electronic assembly,including PCB manufacturing,electronic components procurement and assembly service.For circuit board assembly,we offer machine assembly and manual assembly service.For simple and small quantity,we use hand assembly,and for complicated electronic boards and big quantity,machine assembly is available.

The pcb assembly Equipment is critical to achieve our high quality supply and expedient delivery times. We constantly revise the suitability of our equipment and continually strive to use the latest state of the art pcb assembly Equipment. Our pcb assembly equipment is always calibrated and checked for its effectiveness by our stringent quality assurance system.So our quality is recognized by customers worldwide after years cooperation.

In order to guarantee the quality of the products,we have very strict components supplier control system.Only having very good holding of the supply chain,then we can make sure the product we supplied to customers with high quality.

We have established long termed cooperation with many famous components distributors like Future,Digikey,Mouser,Farnell,Verical,Arrow,Verical and so on.We also have many long-term cooperated supplier locally,which make us have more competitive power under the precondition of keeping good quality.