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Making Method Of PCB Circuit Board

Many PCB board makers, in their spare time, often like to make some circuit boards on their own.

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How To Improve The Speed Of The Pcb Circuit Board Diagram

Chenfei is a PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly factory in China,we look forward to cooperating with you.

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The Difference Between Gold Plating And Gold Deposit In PCB

Chenfei is a pcb manufacturing and pab assemby company,if you need,please contact us.

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Circuit Board Wiring, Assembly Techniques And Notes

Chenfei is a company about PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. We provide high quality products and services. If you are interested, please send mail to to contact us.

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Circuit board wiring, assembly techniques and notes

Chenfei is a PCB assembly factory.Today we introduce circuit board wiring, assembly techniques and notes.

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Process test of super thick aluminum pcb board

Process test of super thick aluminum pcb board 1. Test equipment(1) 6 mm thick aluminum base plate, table stick capacitance, coil, resistance, filter;(2) Weller WHP3000 preheating plate;(3) Well...... >>Read more<<

Super thick aluminum pcb board assembly technology

With the development of electronic technology, the multi-functional and high reliability of electronic products has become an inevitable trend.

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Arduino Uno development board schematic and PCB files in pcb production factory

Chenfei Electronic Tech company is a PCB board manufacturer in China .Today we introduce an Arduino board – the Arduino Uno SMD (ATmega328 patch size).

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PCB assembly considerations–from prototype pcb assembly factory

Chenfei Electronic Tech Company is a PCB production and assembly manufacturer in China.And what’s the order of PCB assembly?Let me tell you.

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FPC product feature

The general type of FPC product will be designed as the following representative types:single side FPC、single side line double side assembly FPC、double sided FPC、multi-layer FPC,etc..

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