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High frequency PCB is the circuit frequency above 1GHz,there are very strict requirements for its performance,tolerance and technology specification.

The material is very important for the High frequency PCB,below are the basis characters for the high frequency PCB material selection.

1. The dielectric constant have to be small and stable,high dielectric constant will cause the signal transmission delay.

2. The dielectric loss have to be small,it will influence the quality of signal transmission,the dielectric loss is smaller,the signal loss is smaller.

3. The coefficient of thermal expansion should be the same with the cooper foil,or it will cause the copper foil separation during the change of cold and heat.

4. Low water absorption capacity,or it will influence the dielectric constant and dielectric loss in wet condition

5. The heat resistance,chemical resistance,impact strength, peel strength should be all good.

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Below is a part of our PCB capacity

Material FR4,High Tg, Halogen free,High-freguency PCB material,ROGERS, aluminum, flex
PCB layers 1-50 layers
PCB thickness 0.2mm-8.0mm
Copper thickness 0.5oz-6oz
Solder mask green,red,blue,white,black,yellow
Silk screen White and black
Min. tracks/width 3mil/3mil
Surface treatment HASL,immsersion gold,immersion silver,OSP,gold finger,hard gold
Max. PCB size 550*1200mm
Impedance Control Tolerance 10%
HDI Structure 1+N+1 \ 2+N+2\3+N+3\4+N+4\5+N+5\6+N+6\
Minimum via 0.1mm
Max Aspect Ratio 40:1
Certification ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL,ROHS,REACH
Special process Blind or buried vias, impedance control,back drill,VIPPO/POFV
Quality control AOI,100% electronic test

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