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nalysis of Quotation Price of PCB Circuit Board in 2018

Each job will be presented with purchases and sales. Both are expected to know the cost of the purchased items and how the quotation is calculated. Let's talk about the quotation method for printing PCB boards.

 PCB boards

1. The cost of the board (different sheet costs are not the same); 2. The cost of drilling (the number of holes and the size of the hole affect the drilling cost); 3. The cost of the process (different technical requirements of the board make the process difficult , causing the quotation to be different);4, artificial water and electricity plus disposal costs (this cost depends on the cost of each factory control, relatively speaking, Taiwan-funded factories are low in many countries) root structure effect, as for the original information quotes, now the roots tend to stabilize ,

As far as the board is concerned, the main reasons for the impact are as follows: (1) Sheet material: FR-4, CEM-3, which is our common double-sided and multi-layer sheet, and his price is also related to the thickness of the board and the center of the board. Platinum thickness related,

And FR-I, CEM-1 these are the common single board information, and the price of this information is much different than the double-sided, multi-layer board above. (2)It is the thickness of the board, and its thickness is usually 0.4~3.0, and the thickness of the custom board is not very different. (3) The thickness of copper and platinum will affect the price. The thickness of copper and platinum is usually divided into 1oz, 2oz, 3oz and so on. (4)The original data supplier, we often have and commonly used: Shengyi / Jiantao / Guoji and other process costs:

1 depends on the circuit above the board, if the line is fine (below 4/4mm), the quotation will be calculated separately. 2 There is a BGA on the board, so the cost will increase relatively, some local BGA How much is the other one. 3 depends on what is the appearance of the disposal technology,Commonly used are: spray lead tin (hot air leveling), OSP (environmental protection board), spray pure tin, tin, silver, gold, etc. Of course, the appearance technology is different, the quotation will be different. 4 depends on the technical specifications; what we usually use is: IPC2 level, but there are higher customer needs, (for example, Japanese), we are common:

IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc. Of course, the higher the specification, the higher the quotation will be. Number of layers: Four layers Thickness: 1.6mm Line width / line spacing: 0.08mm / 0.1mm Material: FR-4 Copper thickness: 1OZ Aperture: 0.1mm Process: Each PCB sold by the tin-plated PCB operation is custom-made of,Therefore, the quotation of the PCB board needs to be calculated first, together with the need to refer to the PCB computer automatic imposition accounting, in the specification of the standard copper plate layout information utilization to make an induction offer.The cost accounting of PCB operations is the most exceptional and messy in all industries. From material cutting, plate pressing, forming, to FQC, packaging, and completion of storage, the data cost, labor cost, production cost, etc. required for each process are required. Perform step-by-step accounting, and then accumulate the cost in batches according to the order item number.And for products of the same type, the standard rate of the process will be different. Regarding some commodities such as blind buried plate, immersion gold plate and copper plate, due to the speciality of its technology or all the data, it is necessary to select some special accounting methods for this demand.

In the same way, the size of the drill hole used in the drilling process will also affect the cost of the goods, which directly affects the accounting and evaluation of the WIP cost and the cost of the scrap. In addition, PCB factories are products that are attributed to OEM customers. Different products are not the same as customers, and there are few shared products.On the other hand, due to the consideration of quality, some customers can also specify the use of a manufacturer's substrate, or ink, etc., in order to reach their quality and cost control needs. Fast fish eat slow fish, just need to change quickly to take care of the livelihood ECN (engineering changes tell) change.

ECN engineering changes are often present during the production of PCB work items, and there are often internal ECN and external ECN changes (customer project file changes). The repeated ECN changes in the merchandise plan, assuming that the disposal is not appropriate, constitutes an obsolete inventory that will be very alarming.Therefore, how to plan the use of ECN commodity plan changes in the ERP system is a very important and serious operation. It is assumed that the change of the item number of the commodity and the semi-finished product regardless of the major or minor changes of the ECN will make it impossible for the personnel of each department to find out whether each different product of the different edition is compatible or not, and whether the same item number can be delivered. Will constitute a lot of inventory or an unnecessary void in the finished product in the event of a change in the ECN commodity plan.The most important competitive advantages of PCB are: engineering development, production management, material control, production, and outsourcing processing, especially the WIP (in the finished product) control of on-site production and disposal. Assuming that WIP control is not appropriate, there will be many mixed versions, throwing away, stagnation, WIP number ban, feeding delay, increased number of line changes, unclear delivery, etc.

The variety of products in the PCB industry is usually different according to the number of layers. There are single-panel, double-panel, four-layer, eight-layer, ten-layer boards.Usually PCB circuit boards are mostly green solder resistive soldering, so we also acquiesced in the green color of the main line, and the model also respects its way. Other images: white oil, red oil, blue oil, etc. are called miscellaneous oils. The technology is usually sprayed with tin, so usually double-panel is usually called tin-spraying. Other technologies such as lead-free tin-spraying, gold-plating, and blind-buried holes are particularly elaborated before the board is made.The usual technology of the PCB model is calculated as follows: board fee + film + engineering fee = sample fee. There is also a reason; if the template is shipped with the need for imposition, or if the document is not a single one, then there is a need for additional imposition costs. This is just about the usual process. The usual model cost of the technology.Regarding special technologies such as gold plating technology, it is usually necessary to add some fees. Assume that the formula for the expedited sample is like this: board fee + film + engineering fee + expedited fee = expedited sample fee. PCB circuit board mold fee: The circuit board is divided into two kinds of molds; 1. Soft mold 2. Hard mold The soft mold is usually 94HB, 94VO. These two cardboard open molds, others like 22F, CEM-1. CEM-3. Molds such as FR4 are called hard molds. The soft mold cost formula is: imposition specification mm (length + width) * 5 hard mode formula: imposition specification (length + width) * 6.5

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