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high quality pcb board manufacturer

Chenfei Electronic is a well-known and professional PCB manufacturer, We are Adhering to the principle of attention to details, as well as the culture of better technology, better life.  With a group of professional engineer and management team for over ten years experience in PCB manufacturing, we have developed so many customers all around the world, we provide our customers with all types of PCBs, from single layer to  multilayers, from FR1,FR4 to metal base material, from HDI,Flexible Printed circuit to Flex-Rigid PCB, we strive to meet all kinds of PCB demand of our customers.
pcb board Feature:
1. Our PCBs are used for wide range of electronic products
Like Medical devices, CCTV, Power supply, GPS, UPS, Set-top Box,Telecomunication ,LED, etc.
2. Provides OEM services to all sorts of printed circuit board assembly as well as Electronic encased products
3. Solder mask color: Green / Yellow / Black / White / Red / Blue.
4. Board material type: FR-4, Aluminium-backed board, Halogen-free, Lead-free compatible, High-Tg, High CTI, CEM-1, CEM-3, Rogers and more
5. Compound material lamination: 2 to 12 layers

6.Surface Finished type: HASL, Flash golds, ENIG,OSP(lead freecompatible), Carbon ink, Peelable S/M, HASL(lead free), Immersion silver/tin, Gold finger plating, ENIG+gold finger plating, Immersion Silver+gold finger plating

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