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Chenfei  is a big pcb board manufacturer in China.As you know,to do a PCB board is to turn a well-designed schematic into a real PCB board. Please don't underestimate this process. There are a lot of things that make things workable in the project but it is difficult to achieve. Therefore, it is said to be a PCB board. It is not difficult, but it is not an easy thing to do a PCB board. So how can we make a good PCB board?
The production enterprises of printed circuit board generally light the red light, Not long ago, a domestic PCB Factory was so trapped in financial difficulties. Because PCB downstream customers are more powerful, besides a small price increase of a few plate factories, most board factories have not successfully transferred the rising cost to downstream customers. In order to alleviate the financial pressure, some board factory began to extend to PCB equipment manufacturers, PCB processing plant (such as PCB, PCB electroplating factory spray tin processing plant) the payment of goods.
We can produce two layer, four layer,  PCB circuit board, etc..and to undertake PCB board independent development programming. To achieve various functions used in all kinds of household electrical appliances and automotivemanufacturing industry.

The price of electronic copper foil should be maintained high, and the increase should be small. At present, most PCB board plants have been started after the year. Although the supply of raw materials is more intense, the production of new energy vehicles has entered the off-season. Some copper foil factories have turned their capacity back to PCB market, and some PCB factories have made preparations in advance. The actual supply is not so intense.

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