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What is the differrence between PCB and PCBA?

PCB Assembly is a process that requires knowledge not just of PCB components and assembly but also of printed circuit board design, PCB fabrication and a strong understanding of the final product. Circuit board assembly is just one piece of the puzzle to delivering the perfect product the first time - without rework or assembly errors.

A Printed Circuit Board, or PCB, is an autonomous module of interconnected electronic components found in devices feeding from common pagers, and radios to sophisticated radar and computer systems. The circuits are formed by a thin layer of conducting material deposited, or "printed," on the surface of an insulating board known as the substrate. Individual electronic components are placed on the surface of the substrate and soldered to the interconnecting circuits. Contact fingers along one or more edges of the substrate act as connectors to other PCBs or to external electrical devices such as on-off switches. A Printed Circuit Board may have circuits that perform a single function, such as a signal amplifier, or multiple functions.

And on the other hand PCBA or, Printed Circuit Board Assembly is the board obtained after all printing solder paste on the PCB and then mounting various components like resistors, Integrated Circuits, capacitors and any other components like transformers depending on the application and desired characteristics of the board. A Printed Circuit Board Assembly usually undergoes reflow furnace heating to establish a mechanical connection between the PCB and the components.

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