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How to choose high quality Prototype-PCB-Assembly ?

Prototype PCB Assembly is our specialty. With our skilled bonding technicians, SMT method Engineers, and element procural specialists we offer a reasonable and extremely versatile PCB Assembly method with quick Turnaround.
Our image PCB Assembly may be a specialised service that permits America to require difficult styles, prepare them for assembly, and take a look at them while not your eager to worry concerning PCB assembly accomplishment. The image PCB assembly section of our producing facility incorporates a distinctive layout style that enables the versatile use of each machine-driven and manual parts-loading stations. Our workers is qualified and toughened in managing fine-pitch elements and BGAs for high-density FR-4 PCBs. Our team is capable of producing image PCB assembly volumes of 1-25 PCBs.

Our PCB Assembly service includes the sourcing of elements. this enables you to think about what you are doing best: layout style. we've got a fervent sourcing workers that coordinates with multiple suppliers and distributors to buy elements as per consumer necessities, and completes these getting activities in an exceedingly best manner. we've got advanced processes for optimum choice of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) to cut back the entire value. what is more, we have a tendency to square measure capable of cross-referencing elements and locating hard-to-find and obsolete elements. Customers is rest assured that once Asian Circuits substitutes parts they're prime quality as a result of we have a tendency to solely use the element numbers and makers laid out in the BOM. we are going to not modify your original layout style. half substitutions ensue solely along with your permission.
We handle Complete PCB Assembly for image quantities from one to twenty five boards. This service permits you to possess complicated styles designed for testing with high-quality, skilled electronic assembly accomplishment, therefore you ne'er have to be compelled to worry concerning assembly quality resolution into your take a look at results. Our early assembly space incorporates a distinctive layout style that enables a versatile combination of machine-driven and Manual half loading stations. we will conjointly simply handle Fine Pitch parts and BGAs for top density FR-4 boards.How to choose high quality Prototype-PCB-Assembly.

Prototype PCB Assembly
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