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High Volume Printed Circuit Boards Assembly

Chen fei Electronic have over twelve years’ expertise in PCB assembly and PCB fabrication. we have a tendency to devote to produce one-stop service for our customers as well as PCB producing, elements procural and assembly. Chen fei Electronic is your supply for quick reasonable high volume PCB Assembly production runs of computer circuit boards. we have a tendency to facilitate and support customers to assemble their High volume and image PCB orders. With years of made expertise within the field of computer circuit board assembly, we've got gained experience in fulfilling easy to extremely difficult assembly orders with ease and in fast work time. Our competent engineering and producing team helps many shoppers to resolve their PCB assembly problems and successively has received an out of this world response from customers across all industries.
Chen fei Electronic experience is within the assembly of high combine, high density computer circuit board assemblies. we have a tendency to support each high and low-mix assembly volumes that vary from simply a couple of image units to modest quantities for pre-production, to thousands in volume production.

High Volume PCB Assembly
In Chen fei Electronic, quality ought to ne'er be compromised whether or not for image, low-to-middle volume or high-volume project. we have a tendency to run style for manufacturability (DFM) check on all PCB Assembly comes to ascertain if your style is all sensible for producing. Any issue or queries are going to be mentioned at prime speed before moving forward to production. we have a tendency to adhere to the strictest quality standards and follow rigorous producing procesures throughout the entire produciton method to scale back the probabilities of producing calibre laptop boards the maximum amount as we are able to. before packaging and shipping, every board are going to be tested and inspected through AOI check and/or AXI check. We’re additionally hospitable custom perform tests. All of on top of operations area unit our response to a marketplace in demand of superior product and performance.

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