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FPC-flexible printed circuit board

date:2017-09-09 17:45:03

The flexible circuit board according to the way of the combination of substrate and copper platinum, can be divided into two kinds: with and without plastic flexible plate rubber flexible plate;According to the conductive copper foil layer division, is divided into single layer board, double board, laminated panel, double panel, etc., can be bent freely, folding, winding, can move in a three-dimensional space and scale;The cooling performance is good, can use f - PC reduced volume;To realize the lightweight, miniaturization, thin, so as to achieve integration element device and wire connection. 

flexible circuit board

Flexible circuit board free bending, coiling, folding, greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, satisfy the requirement of miniaturization of electronic products and mobile is the only solution.
Prenatal treatment:
  In the process of production, in order to prevent short circuit caused by the excessive low yield or reduce drilling, rolling, cutting and rough process problems and cause of FPC board scrap, feeding problems, and to assess how to use the best material to meet customer effect of the flexible circuit board.Prenatal preprocessing is especially important.
 Prenatal pretreatment, need to deal with three aspects, these three aspects is done by the engineer.First is the FPC board project evaluation, main is to assess the client's FPC board whether can production, the company's production capacity can meet the requirements of the customer's system board and unit cost;If engineering through evaluation, and then need to prepare material immediately, to meet the production of raw materials supply,Finally, to the engineer, the customer's engineering documents, such as CAD diagram, gerber line data processing, in order to suit the production environment of production equipment and production specifications, and then production drawings and MI (engineering process card), and other materials to the production and control, purchasing and other departments, into the regular production process.
Production process:
  1、 double layers
  rough shape cutting→ drilling→ PTH → electroplating→ Before processing→ Stick a dry film → para→exposure→ developing→ Graphics electroplating → Take off the film→ Before processing→ Stick a dry film →Para light→ developing→etching → Take off the film→ Surface treatment → Stick a covering film → To suppress→ curing→ Heavy nickel gold→ Printed characters→ shear→ Electrical measuring → Die cutting→ Final inspection→packaging→ shipment
  2、single layer
  rough shape cutting→ drilling→Stick a dry film → para→exposure→ developing→etching→ Take off the film→ Surface treatment → Stick a covering film → To suppress→ curing→Surface treatment→Heavy nickel gold→ Printed characters→ shear→ Electrical measuring→ Die cutting→ Final inspection→packaging→ shipment
 Development prospects:
FPC future aspects from four aspects to continuous innovation, mainly in:
 1, the thickness.FPC thickness must be more flexible, must be thinner;
 2, the folding resistance.Can bend is FPC inherent features, the future of FPC folding resistance must be more strong, must be more than 10000 times, of course, this requires a better base material;
    3, price.At present, the price of FPC PCB is much higher, if the FPC prices down, the market is broad will be many.
 4, craft level.In order to meet the various requirements, FPC technology must be upgraded, the smallest aperture, minimum line width/line spacing must meet higher requirements.