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Circuit board welding assembly one-stop service factory

date:2017-09-01 11:22:03

Are you looking for the professional circuit board welding assembly manufacturers of china?

From the level of PCB and the development direction, the PCB industry is divided into six main products, including single panel, double panel, conventional multilayer board, flexible board, HDI (high density interconnection), and package base board.From "period - the growth and maturation of the product life cycle - the recession" cycle of four dimensions, such as the single panel, double panel because not suitable for the application trend of electronic products, short and thin, is in a recession, its output value proportion gradually reduce, developed countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in China is one of the few domestic production of such products, many companies have made it clear that no longer meet the single and double panel.Conventional sandwich plate and HDI are mature products, the ability is becoming more and more mature technology, high value-added products, is currently the most main PCB factory for all for the direction of the Chinese manufacturers, only a handful of master production technology such as ultrasonic electronic; Flexible board high-density flexible plate is combined with rigid plate, in particular, the current technology is not yet mature, failed to achieve a large number of mass production manufacturers, belong to the product of growth period, but since it has more than the rigid plate adapted to the characteristics of digital products, flexible plate growth is very high, is the future development direction of various factories.
IC package substrate used, both in r&d and manufacturing in the electronics industry in developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, more mature, but still on the stage of exploration technology at home, only yi fei electric (Beijing) co., LTD., ase (Shanghai) co., LTD., zhuhai doumen yi electronics co., LTD. One of the few manufacturers in small batch production.This is because China's IC industry is still very underdeveloped, but as the multinational electronics giant will constantly IC r&d institutions moved to China, and China's own IC research and development and production, raising the level of packaging substrate will have huge market, is the development direction of visionary companies.China's hard board (single panel, double panel, multi-layer board, HDI board) accounts for 70% of the total, with the proportion of the proportion of the weight of the top half of the proportion, the second soft plate is the proportion of 15.6%. Due to the oversupply of pressure, most manufacturers entered the price war and the output value grew less than expected.China's multi-layer board and HDI board are in the industry of long-term growth, the scale is expanding, the process is becoming more and more mature. Multilayer board is still the market development mainstream; And HDI board is being driven by the demand of the upgrade of the downstream electronic information products, which is in the rapid development period.PCB production enterprises are mainly distributed in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, North America and Europe. The global printed circuit board industry is more fragmented, with a large number of manufacturers and no market leader.Although China is already the world's largest in terms of industry scale, it still lags behind the world advanced level in terms of the overall technical level of the PCB industry. On the product structure, laminated occupied most of output value proportion, but most of them 8 layer below the low-end products, HDI, flexible plate has a certain scale but on the technical gap with Japan and other advanced foreign products, the highest technical content among IC loading board in but the

re are few domestic enterprises can be produced.


The number of foreign-funded enterprises in China is only 10% of the number of PCB enterprises in China, but the output value is two thirds of the PCB industry in China. China's enterprise products are concentrated in the middle and low end of the market, and there are few well-known international brands.
The world's famous PCB companies, including the United States, Japan, Europe, and PCB companies in Taiwan and Hong Kong, have all set up factories in mainland China. After years of painstaking efforts, some enterprises to enter the top PCB industry in mainland China, for example, anda, huia, South Asia, the red plate, sharp, victory, Shanghai men, union, huatong, Mr Winters, zixiang, in accordance with the meal, meiko, dingxin, hui, DE li, race, d -, loose d, tenghui, yi Fiji electricity, and other enterprises, in 2013 the production value of 500 million - 3.6 billion yuan respectively, they made a positive contribution to the development of PCB industry in China.