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pcb manufacturing factory

date:2017-08-28 15:50:46

Do you know how to produce a high quality pcb in a pcb manufacturing factory?

Do you known how to produce a high quality pcb in a pcb manufacturing factory?Let me describe for you.

Cutting is the first step to making PCB, according to planning requirements, prior to the base plate cutting into the required size, avoid plate edge burr effect quality, after the cutting edge grinding, rounded corners.After cutting, use drilling machine to drill a circuit connection between layer and layer of guide hole.Drilling, completion of PCB by chemical deposition, sedimentary thickness on surface chemical copper for 20-40 inches.After heavy copper, PCB plating on 200 micro - 500 inches of copper in order to protect the micro 20-40 inches of chemical copper process damage hole after the break.

Precision drilling machine:



How is the line covered on the copper plate?In the dark room, the staff to print on the film, PCB circuit diagram and the light effect to transfer images to a photographic plate, pervious to light part of the photopolymerization reaction, not pervious to light part don't react, when developing reaction part cannot dissolve and keep on the panel.Development, with alkaline solution will not occur polymerization dry film rinse, polymerization reaction of dry film is retained as a protective layer of etching on the surface.

Bare copper surface need to be developed for the secondary plating copper, copper thickness to meet customer requirements.In the secondary copper plating on the surface of tin plating on a layer of protection, as a protective agent of etching.

By etching, PCB etching machine injection pressure etching liquid, bare copper is erosion of liquids, forming line graphics, again by annealing tin machine will protect the tin layer drop off, revealing line graphics.
After etching of PCB need to AOI (automatic optical inspection), feedback to the equipment through the principle of optical reflection image processing, compared with the data graph, and find out the defect point add Yu Xiuli and after AOI scanning and repair PCB rty will reach more than 99.9%



AOI process after the PCB is expected to return to the clean room for resistance welding layer, commonly known as "green oil", this layer of ink covered in addition to the bonding pad unexpected line, can avoid in the process of the use of the PCB welding circuit and prolong the service life of the PCB.In order to facilitate visual inspection, so in the main paint more join help eyes green paint, in addition to the green, yellow, blue, red, white and black color.






PCB flying probe test, check if there is a short circuit or open circuit board
Flying probe test, do not need to make expensive fixtures, with two probes do x, y, z axis movement to one by one test each line ends.Its advantages include: fast test development, lower cost, flexible conversion, as well as in the prototype stage for designers to provide rapid feedback.Through the double check of AOI and flying probe test, before can guarantee the PCB qualification rate of 100%.

It is reported that the PCB is China's electronic information industry in the next five years ~ 15 years one of the key development areas of 15.In recent years, rapid development of electronic information industry, and the PCB industry is lagging behind the growth of electronic information industry, production more lags behind and the market, need a large number of imports, so the PCB industry there is a big space to grow up in the future.