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What is PCB Assembly?

In addition to fully manufacturing your custom circuit board, Pad2Pad offers printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).
PCB assemblies often consist of through-hole components that are attached to wires and surface mount devices (SMT), which then mount directly to the copper pads without the use of holes. In both surface mount soldering and thru-hole soldering, PCBA requires component leads to have satisfactory mechanical and electrical connection to the raw PCB. Sometimes a project may call for a mix of both SMT assembly and through-hole soldering.

chen fei ’s printed circuit board (PCB) assembly capabilities give our customers the convenience of dealing with one supplier with a single point of contact for all of their engineering, design and manufacturing services. We specialize in complex electronic and electro-mechanical products as well as low-volume production where speed and time to market are critical. All PCBs assembled by chen fei Electronic are carefully monitored through a rigorous process by our quality engineers that assures accuracy using the latest automated equipment.

PCB Assembly

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