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Chenfei is a professional pcb board manufacturer in China.There are four kinds of flexible pcb board: single side, double-sided, multi-layer and rigid flexible circuit board.
1. Single side flexible plate is the lowest cost, when the electrical performance is not high required printed board. In single side wiring, one side flexible plate should be selected. It has a chemically etched conductive pattern, and the conducting graphic layer on the flexible insulating substrate is a calendering copper foil. The insulating material can be polyimide, polybutylene terephthalate, aromatic amide fiber ester and polyvinyl chloride.
2. The double-sided flexible plate is a conductive pattern which is etched on the two sides of the insulating basement membrane. The metallized hole connects the two surfaces of the insulating material to the conductive path to meet the Flexural Design and use function. The cover film can protect the single, double-sided wire and indicate the position of the element.
The price of electronic copper foil should be maintained high, and the increase should be small. At present, most PCB board plants have been started after the year. Although the supply of raw materials is more intense, the production of new energy vehicles has entered the off-season. Some copper foil factories have turned their capacity back to PCB market, and some PCB factories have made preparations in advance. The actual supply is not so intense.
In fact, plate price accounts for only about 1/3 of the total PCB price. The proportion of copper foil price to plate price is far greater than that of PCB price. PCB market is in a long-term vicious competition. The product growth of leading manufacturers is not high, but the price of SMEs is the first to rise.Most small and medium-sized PCB plate plants do not have enough cash hoarding board, the purchase cycle is very short, the board is rising, and the demand for cash is increasing, which causes the capital chain to be tense. Because of the small output, its profit is also affected by the plate price.
In the long run, the price increase of raw materials will accelerate the elimination of uncompetitive small and medium enterprises, so that further concentration of the market will bring the industry back to reason, which is conducive to the healthy development of the industrial chain.

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